We are the IT solutions/services provider specialized in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Open Technologies

| 공개소프트웨어(Open Source Software)

  • Developing softwares based on open source softwares

| 클라우드 컴퓨팅(Cloud Computing)

  • Public cloud computing service through server virtualization technologies

  • Passionate technical support on operating public cloud by Orchadians!

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| 가상화(Virtualization)

  • Expertise in Xen virtualization technologies

| 젠 하이퍼바이저(Xen Hypervisor)

  • Special skills on xen hypervisor

  • Know-hows on various Pysical to Virtual (P2V)

  • Knowledges on Para-Virtual Machines(PVM), Hardware-assisted Virtual Machines(HVM)

  • Skills on manipulating various VM image types like raw, vhd, qcow2, logical volume(LV)

  • Knowledges on SR-IOV(Single Root - Input Output Virtualization)
  • Expertise on PCI/USB/VGA passthrough 

| 데비안 GNU/리눅스(Debian GNU/Linux)

  • Developing programs based on Debian GNU/Linux

  • Administering and Operating Debian GNU/Linux systems

| 분산파일시스템(Distributed File Systems)

experiences on building scalable, resilient, distributed file systems like these:

  • GlusterFS

  • Ceph

| 공유디스크 파일시스템(Shared Disk File Systems)

experiences on building Fault tolerant shared disk file systems like these:

  • GFS2
  • OCFS2

  • DRBD 

| 고가용성(High Availability), 부하 분산(Load Balance)

experiences on building High Availability and Load Balancing for web, xen VM services using these tools:

  • Heartbeat
  • Corosync
  • Pacemaker

  • LVS(Linux Virtual Server) 


| 웹방화벽(Web Application Firewall)

experiences on building WAF for web services with core and custom rulesets:

  • ModSecurity